01-00049 Hub/bearing puller for wheel bearing demounting 5 bolt 120 – 170 mm

Hub/bearing puller for larger SUV, Pickup and vans with 5 bolted hubs. Very useful on Ram 1500, Ford Transit (2014 -) and many more. This larger model of 01-00040 makes demounting of bolted-in bearings with a blocked center hole or with the axle still in the hub a lot easier. In the case that the hub is demounted separate, bearing puller 01-00042-B is used for pulling out the seized bearing housing.
The job is done directly on the vehicle with a minimum of time-consuming demounting. To be used with the following demounting tools: 01-00026, 01-00027, 01-00046 or 01-00047 and with hydraulic cylinders from 18–22 ton (max load 32 ton).
Bolt diameter: 5 bolt – 120 – 170 mm. Sliding hammer, no 1064 can also be used as a manual solution with carriage beam no: RES4029.

Rec. cylinder 1090-02-WAL/01-00030.

Contains these parts:
1. 01-00049-001 Hub plate
2. 01-00040-002 Carriage beam M22, 90 mm
3. 01-00040-003 Carriage beam M22, 65 mm