01-00046 Dismounting tool for 3 & 4 bolted wheel bearings on SUV/US models with 6 & 8 wheel bolts

Bolted wheel bearings with deeper fittings in aluminum or steel axle knuckle are often seized badly with rust after a few years. Instead of destroying the parts by heating and hammering or cracking it in the shop press the bearing can quick and easy be pressed out directly on the vehicle with this new dismounting
tool. It can be used with only a hydraulic cylinder when the axle shaft is removed. It can also be used with a special hub plate 01-00045 when the axle shaft still is located in the hub. This will save lots of time and are in many cases a must (Dodge, Chevrolet, GMC and Ford Pickup truck).

The design of the press feet’s allows access on both 3 and 4 bolted wheel bearings on SUV and Pickup trucks (Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Dodge, Chevrolet, GMC Ford (4×4) etc)
The adjustable fixing plate in combination with design of the press feet’s makes it possible to dismount also the largest hubs, up to 245 mm. The two press feet’s can also be ordered as a pair in set; 01-00046-020.
Rec. cylinder 1090-02-WAL/01-00030.

Parts in the set:
1. 01-00046-020 – Press feet
2. 01-00041-002 – Fixing plate
3. 01-00018-003 (x2) – Knob screw set
4. 01-00018-004 (x2) – Screw

EU Protected Design – RCD No. 003477090-0001/0002
EU Patent No. EP3323553
US Patent No. US 10.532.450
US Design Patent US D850.226