01-00046-300 Universal wheel bearing set for 6-8 bolted hubs, 4×4. 01-00046, -45 and 44-030 in foam

A combined tool set for pressing out corroded CV axels and wheel bearings on Pick up’s and SUV 150-350, 1500-3500 with 6 – 8 bolted hubs with up to 180 mm bolt diameter. The tools reduce the labor time considerable when working on brands like Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Dodge, Chevrolet, GMC, Ford (4×4) etc.
Wheel bearings with or without center hole or with the CV axle still in the hub are dismounted directly on the vehicle without damaging the knuckle/spindle.
Delivered with foam for storage. The tools are used with hydraulic cylinder
01-00030 (18T) or 1090-02-wal (22T).

Parts in the set:
1. 01-00046 – Dismounting tool for 3/4 bolted bearings
2. 01-00045 – Hub/bearing tool 6/8 bolt
3. 01-00044-030 – Set of 2 pressure feet inc. bolts and washers
4. 04-00022-015 – Foam for drawer 15