01-00040 Hub-/bearing puller for wheel bearing dismounting 4/5 holes, universal

The hub-/bearing puller makes bearing dismounting possible and easy when the hub axle is solid or when the axle shaft is still in the hub. The job is made directly on the car without time consuming dismounting. The puller is used with bearing dismounting tool 01-00026 or 01-00027 and with one of our hydraulic cylinders from 16 – 22 Ton (max load 18 Ton).

Bolt diameter: 4/5 holed – 92 – 131 mm. Slide hammer no 1064 can be used as a manual solution, then together with adapter RES4029.
Some samples of models with solid hub axle or when the axle is still in the hub; Opel Insignia/Saab 9 5, Citroen C1, Peugeot 108 Toyota Aygo.

Parts in set:
1. 01-00040-001 Hub plate
2. 01-00040-002 Carriage beam M22, 90 mm
3. 01-00040-003 Carriage beam M22, 65 mm

Protected design within EU – RCD No. 003436518-0001
US design patent pending – US patent application No. 29/601 197