01-00026 Dismounting tool Bolted (4 bolts) wheel bearing/hub

The tool is adjustable and designed to dismantle bolted wheel bearings
with guides that usually rust in the wheel spindles. Extraction can
be done with a full 22 ton directly on the vehicle, while the hub can
also be dismantled in instances where this will be reused in the new
bearing. Both press feets have two different sides, which are selected
according to the vehicle/bearing design, adjustment is very easy.
Designed and tested on the majority of 4 bolted wheel bearings.
Front and rear on: VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volvo, Ford, Mazda,
Toyota, Mitsubishi etc.

Press foot 01-00026-001 used in pairs (01-00026-020) and can be
ordered separately for use in tool 01-00018, 01-00047 (dismounting tool compact
wheel bearing). (Used with hub plate 01-00035-001, 002, 003, 004.)
Rec. cylinder 1090-02-WAL/01-00030.

Protected Design within EU – RCD No. 003477090-0001/0002
Patent Pending – European Patent Application No. EP16200076.4
US Design Patent Pending – US Patent Application No. 29/604 325

Parts in the set:
1. 2 x 01-00026-001 – Press foot
2. 01-00041-002 – Fixing plate
3. 2 x 01-00018-003 – Knob screw set
4. 2 x 01-00018-004 – Screw