03-00042 Rim Popper, Wheel/Rim Puller for HD truck, Buss and Trailer

Wheel/Rim Puller for HD truck, Buss and Trailer 22,5, 19,5 and 17,5” rim size.
The Rim Popper is designed for maximal efficiency and safety when pressing off seized wheels/rims.
In just minutes the rim is pressed loose, quick and easy with very little effort by the tech.
Just quick, safe and problem free de-mounting of the rim.
The three press rings in the set cover all truck, buss and trailer rims with the following size: 22,5”, 19,5” and 17,5”. By putting pressure on the two sturdy bolts, one at the time, the flexing will loosen the rim with a ½” impact gun. The four rim hooks are designed to fit in almost any rim ventilations hole and cope with the power needed to get the job done. The set comes in a sturdy foam that also can be fitted in tool trolley 04-00022.

Won’t damage the wheel bearing or rim Quick and safe without physical effort.
The tool is a real time and staff saver for all shops that encounter stuck and seized wheels on truck, buss or trailers.
Old fashion methods are normally devastating for the staff, wheels and the productivity in the shop.

No more hard and physical work with sledge hammer, prybar or heating!
Take good care of your staff! With the right tool and method, productivity
increases and risk of injury decreases.

Patent Pending