04-00028 Hydraulic ball-joint puller, 8,8 ton

New and unique design that efficiently presses out the ball joints and brake/slack adjuster on truck, bus and trailer. Also wheel bolts are dismounted and mounted very smoothly thanks to the flexible design (see pictures). The press tools can be rotated for different ground heights, the two supplied spacer rings provide the adjustment options required for these jobs.
The anvil tool can get an opening of 42 alt 56 mm depending on what side is chosen.
In addition, the two tools can change position on the cylinder for superior access in tight areas inside the wheelhouse, around sway bars or hidden steering joints on buses, etc. The hydraulic cylinder presses up to 8.8 tonnes for easy, safe and smooth removal. A safety belt is supplied with the tool to prevent the tool from falling down during work.
Used with 700 bars of hydraulic pump 1030, or 1036.

Pat Pending EU No. EP17179578.4
US No. 16/021.868