20-00013 Generation 3, Bolted-in wheel bearing extension set

Bolted on wheel bearings often get stuck by corrosion in the knuckle after some years. This set can be used instead of hammering, heating or even destroying aluminum or steel knuckles. 01-00026-020, 01-00027-020, 01-00047-020

Generation 3, to avoid removing the axel shaft
Even more time can be saved by leaving the axle or CV-joint in place when removing the hub/bearing unit. A wheel bearing of this type can be replaced in 15 minutes, even the most stubborn once!  01-00040, 01-00042, 01-00042-010.

In some cases, the hub can, or is needed to be separated from the wheel bearing to start with the wheel bearing puller for 3 – 4 bolts will then be used to pull out the bearing housing.

Some brake shields are uneven due to drum brakes or parking brake with drums. These need a more precise press surface to avoid damaging the shield. Salty water, mixing of material and tight fittings is a huge problem for many shops. With the right tool it’s a simple job in a few minutes!

Most Subaru models need longer M12 bolts with 1,25 threads when pulling out the rear wheel bearing. The bolts are 100 mm long and made of a stronger material. 01-00042-010