01-00050-100 Wheel bearing set front/rear, Land Rover & Range Rover with aluminum knuckles.

The following models from Land Rover and Range Rover have pressed in generation 1-wheel bearings in five different types of aluminum knuckles, front and rear:
Land Rover Discovery Sport L494 2013 – 2019, Discovery Sport L550 2019 -, Discovery 5 L462 2017 -.
Range Rover Sport L494 2013 -, Vogue L405 2012, Evoque L538 2011 -. Velar L560 2017, Defender L663 2020 -.

This set is developed for a quick and problem free replacement of these wheel bearings without damage on the fragile knuckles directly on these vehicles. No time-consuming de-mounting of the advanced wheel suspension is needed. Even the ABS sensor contacts are left untouched, total labor-time is just 30 minutes. The wheel bearings are secured with a circlip in the knuckle. Both the circlip and the wheel bearing get severely seized due to corrosion over time. For easier removal pre-tension can be applied to the circlip/snap ring with items in this set. This set will avoid time consuming jobs in the shop press, the fragile aluminum knuckles can easily be damaged in the shop press when the bearings are seized.

Rec cylinder 1090-02-WAL/01-00030

Contains these parts:
1. 01-00050 Hub/Bearing tool Land Rover
2. 01-00035-030 Press pipe L=78 mm
3. 01-00035-012 Bearing plate Ø65,8-66,8 mm
4. 01-00035-003 Hub plate, coned, Ø43,8 mm
5. 1090-20-T22 Bearing plate Ø95 mm
6. 01-00050-011 Holding plate 89-105 mm
7. 01-00050-010 Bearing plate Ø85-95 mm