05-00009 Fuel drainer for trucks and busses

The fuel suction unit is intended, approved and EX classed for ethanol, diesel and petrol. It is equipped with 4 wheels but it can also be handled using a pallet lifter or a fork lifter. The fuel suction unit is made from stainless steel. Its capacity is 630 liters and it weighs 145 kg when empty. The fuel suction unit is powered by a pneumatic diaphgram pump that drains and fills with 20 lit/min. An overfill protection device automatically breaks the air supply to the pump if the fuel level in the fuel suction unit is too high. The fuel suction unit is equipped with a bleed hose fitted with a flame guard, which is connected to the vehicle exhaust extraction system when draining vehicles to achieve odorless fuel handling.
The unit is supplied with three suction and filler adaptors.
1. L1054-1 Fuel refill 15 litres/min
2. 05-00009-002 Fuel hose ½”, 3 m
3. 05-00009-003 Adaptor Tema 1800 – Parker NS