L2430 Oil drainer 115L, with EX certificate

Designed and developed for long lifetime and safe draining of waste oil for Auto shops and recycling stations.

A cars engine oil will get diluted with fuel over time. The resulting waste product is classed as a flammable liquid. It can catch fire easily and needs to be handled with products designed and approved for this. This means the oil drainer needs to be delivered with a manual with a classification plan and approval for EX-classed environments! This oil drainer is also equipped with a ground cable and both antistatic wheels and hoses to further decrease risks.

The pressure vessel is made from stainless steel and has no moving pump parts. With robust valves, hoses and connections this oil drainer is both safe to use and has a long lifetime.

The drainage tray is made of aluminium and measures 890 mm (L) by 490 mm (W). This generous size allows draining of engine and gearbox and at the same time. The drainer can also suction oil with a powerful vacuum, even while draining with the tray. The container is emptied by 1 Bar of air pressure, no extra pump is needed to transfer the waste oil to external storage tanks. Probes for draining rear axles, gearboxes and power steering systems are included with the drainer.