03-00036 Universal puller for prop axle/shaft bearing and pitman arm

Adjustable and universal to cover most prop axle bearings and pitman arms. Used with a 18 Ton hydraulic cylinder 01-00030 (not included). The adjustable press feet’s are wedge shaped for better acces.
After many years on the road in exposed positions most parts get rusted and stuck. Standard or manual tools are normally not strong enough to do the job. With the help from the 18 Ton hydraulic cylinder with hammer function the job is made easy with a minimum of wear. Heavy and risky jobs in the shop press are also minimized with the tool.

Parts in the set:
1. 2 pc 03-00036-001 Press foot
2. 01-00041-002 Fixing plate 1 ½” thread
3. 2 pc 01-00041-003 Sliding plate
4. 2 pc 01-00018-004 Screw
5. 4 pc 01-00041-005 Screw M14×45 10.9, hex

Patent pending – European patent application No. EP15194783.5
Patent pending – European patent application No. EP16200076.4
Protected design within EU – RCD No. 003477090-0001/0002
US design patent pending – US patent application No. 29/604 325