03-00035 Universal puller for transmission flange on prop shaft

Puller for transmission flanges on prop shafts and gearboxes.
When the propeller shaft bearing needs to be replaced the flange needs to be dismounted. It’s used with an 18 tons hydraulic cylinder 01-00030 (not included). The complete job is made on the vehicle without time consuming and heavy lifting in the garage press. The tool is designed for maximal adjustment and flexibility for fitting on any truck or bus axle flange. Gear boxes with retarder or other applications are also possible to fit with this tool due to its design.

Parts in the set:
1. 03-00035-001 (x2) Press foot
2. 03-00035-002 (x4) Bolt set M12, hex
3. 01-00041-002 Fixing plate 1 ½” thread
4. 01-00041-003 (x2) Sliding plate
5. 01-00018-004 (x2) Screw
6. 01-00041-005 (x4) Screw M16×45 10.9, hex
7. 03-00035-005 Adjustable press rod M24

Patent pending – European patent application No. EP16200070.7
Patent pending – European patent application No. EP16200076.4
Protected design within EU – RCD No. 003477090-0001/0002
US design patent pending – US patent application No. 29/604 325