03-00022 Hub puller for low loader trailers with 10/225 hubs

Extension set to 03-00016-32T and 03-00016-45T for removal of 225 mm hubs and 10 bolts, hydraulic cylinder 03-00028 (32 ton) and 03-00026 (45 ton) is used with the set. The heavy-duty design supports a full 45 ton pressure and hammer strokes in the direction of pressure (on the cylinder) during removal. This makes it also possible to remove hubs with unit bearings on straight axles.

Parts in the set:
1. 03-00022-001 (x2)- Plate
2. 03-00022-002 (x4) – Support rod
3. 03-00022-003 – Thrust washer SAF Ø 73 mm
4. 03-00003-005 (x8) – Screws M22x60 12.9.

03-00031-002 Plate with thread for press block (not included)
Included in universal set 03-00031-32T and 03-00031-45T.