03-00020-45T Wheel bearing set (Unit) Scania

With this set a wheel bearing is replaced quick and easy directly at the vehicle,
no need to go to the shop press.
The set is used with hydraulic cylinder (45T) 03-00026 and hub puller set
03-00016-45T. Parts for allowing hammer punching during max pressure
are also included.

See also: 03-00020-32T

Parts in the set:
1. 03-00006-026 Press socket 65 mm
2. 03-00020-001 Press plate Scania unitlager
3. 03-00020-002 Press plate Scania unitlager
4. 03-00020-003 Protection socket Scania unitlager
6. RES4034 Carriage beam M27, 500 mm