03-00008-32T Spring bolt set (Scania)

A tool set for quick dismounting of the spring bushing bolts. The job is done directly on the truck with a minimum of part dismounting. The set is used with the threaded plate 03-00031-002 from the press block 03-00031-001 and the 32 ton hydraulic cylinder 03-00028 (none of these are included), also designed for punching. The combination of the high pressure and vibrations are very efficient and often crucial for a successful result when pressing out the rusted bolts.

See also: 03-00008-45T

Parts in the set:
1. 03-00004-001 – Press block
2. 03-00006-009 – Press axle 115 mm Ø29 mm
3. 03-00006-010 – Press axle 100 mm Ø29 mm
4. 03-00006-011 – Press pipe 60 mm Ø54 mm
5. 03-00003-005 x2 – Screw M22x60 12.9 hex