04-00021 Cylinder holder Ø65-100 mm

Developed for use with the following cylinders; 1090-02-WAL, 1090-03 and
03-00028/01-00030. The holder is designed for use on the cylinders with hand held use and for use on a floor stand or gear box lift. Adjusting and locking of the cylinder is very easy and flexible for simple use. Also other cylinder brands and types from Ø65 – 100 mm can  be mounted in the holder. Fit’s gearbox lift and floor stand with axle measure from 25/30 mm.

Use with cylinder:
1090-01 (16 T)
1090-02 (22 T)
1090-03 (14 T)
03-00028 (32 T)
01-00030 (18 T)

Parts in the set:
04-00021-001 – Holder without clamps
04-00021-013 – Clamp Ø70 mm
04-00021-014 – Clamp Ø85 mm
04-00021-015 – Clamp Ø100 mm