01-00048 Brake disc puller, Ø260 – 330 mm

Rusted and stuck brake discs/rotors is an all too common problem on many car models. Heavy hammering is frequently used to get the disc/rotor of from the hub. This is devastating for the wheel bearing and other sensitive parts in the wheel suspension, also airbags have been triggered and gone off! This all new puller will safely and effective press the disc/rotor with Ø260 – 330 mm (10 – 13”) of from the hub with up to 22 Ton. No damage on the wheel bearing or other sensitive parts, quick, easy and safe. The high force is spread out evenly on four positions to minimize the risk of cracking the disc/rotor. If the disc/rotor brakes of, a cut with a machine are needed on the disc/rotor hub guide before removing. In the case of fixing plate 01-00041-002 is already in use, 01-00048-030 (See parts in the set pos 3 – 8) can be used for a full function. Storage foam is included in both sets.
Rec. cyl 1090-02-WAL/01-00030.

Parts in set:
1. 01-00041-002 -Fixing plate
2. 01-00018-004 (x2)-Screw
3. 01-00048-001 (x4)-Puller arm
4. 01-00048-002 (x2) -Fixing plate
5. 01-00041-003 (x2) -Sliding plate
6. 01-00041-005 (x8) -Screw M14×45
7. 04-00028-011 -Safety strap
8. 04-00023-005 -Foam

EU Protected Design-RCD No. 007749148-0001
EU Protected Design-RCD No. 003477090-0001/0002
EU Patent No. EP3323553
US Patent No. 10.532.450
US Design Patent No. D850.226