02-00012 Rear wheel bearing set Peugeot Expert (Traveller), Citroën Jumpy (Spacetourer) och Toyota Proace (Proace Verso) 2016 –

Rear wheel bearing set for Peugeot Expert (Traveller), Citroen Jumpy (Spacetourer) and Toyota Proace (Proace Verso) 2016 –
The rear wheel bearing is replaced directly on the car without time consuming dismounting. This bearing is a 92 mm compact type, also called HBU 2.1 or generation 2. These bearings get internal damages when mounting incorrect by pressing on the hub. Only the outer bearing race is supposed to be used for correct mounting. The set is designed to demount the bearings also with solid (without hole) hubs and mounting the new bearing with open hub for the CV axle. Mounting ring 1090-25-15 gives a correct position towards the bearing during mounting. The majority of the parts in the set is used for all other  compact bearings on the market. The set also comes with a 300 mm M22/20 carriage beam with a nut, required when using the 18 Ton cylinder 01-00030.
Note that the bearing needs to be pressed twice with the 18 ton cylinder
for a correct mounting.
Rec. cylinder 1090-02-WAL/01-00030.

Parts in set:
1. 01-00041 Compact wheel bearing dismounting tool
2. 01-00033-020 Set of two pressure feet 01-00033-001
3. 01-00040 Hub-/bearing puller
4. 1090-25-10 Coned dismounting plate
5. 1090-25-12 Holding plate VW T5
6. 1090-25-15 Mounting ring Peugot, Citroën and Toyota
7. 1090-32-20 Carriage beamset M20