L2410 Hydraulic fluid drainer, 15 litres

Stainless steel pressure vessel for smart draining of hydraulic fluid, creating a clean, low noise and safe working enviroment. Drains 4 cars per hour and is designed without moving parts which results in a long life span and very low running costs. Hydraulic fluid is drained to the vessel with a powerful vacuum and transported by high pressure (3 bar) to a storage tank making the placement of this tank very flexible. Hydraulic fluid is easily drained with the included adaptor set (L2420) from rear differentials, gearboxes and power steering systems.

Volume: 15 litres Hose lengt: 6 metres Suitable for mounting on a vessel stand (L2510/L2515) together with three other vessels (L2100/L2200/L2310) and hose reels with 9 metres of hose (L1020/L2320).